Easy guide to follow when cooking with a propane smoker

It is widely known that smoked food has an amazing taste. But its taste can be affected because of the type of smoker used. Propane smokers are ideal for newbies since they are relatively cheap and easier to startup. Also, the best propane smokers have temperature knobs to help users control the heat levels.

If you are using your propane smoker for the first time, you need to know how to use it for best result.

Select the right type of meat

As a newbie, begin with meat cuts that are very easy to smoke. After mastering the act of smoking, you can graduate to more difficult ones.  Whole chicken, chuck roast, and pork shoulder are some of the easiest meats to prepare.

Connect the smoker tightly

Before your fire up your smoker, get it ready. Attach the propane tank properly. Make sure it is connected tightly before turning the valve. Otherwise, the tank may leak propane.

Start up the smoker

The best charcoal smokers come with ignition buttons. So you have no need to start the smoker with a lighter.  Pressing the ignition button will do. After starting the smoker, turn the knobs to a heating level of 210 to 2250F.

Open the chimneys and vents but close the smoker doors. The smoker will require a bit more time to reach the desired temperature. While waiting for the smoker to be ready, you can prep your food.

Prepping the food

To make your food more delicious, you can prepare seasoning and coat your meat with the mixture. There are different options when it comes to seasoning, depending on what you are cooking.  If you are preparing vegetables, pepper and salt will be enough. But for meat, you can improve the meat’s flavor with marinade or dry rub.

Cooking in the smoker

To get the best smoked result, make sure the meat is at room temperature.  Get an ideal woodchips that is suitable for the type of meat you’re smoking.  There are a variety of options. Select the woodchip flavor that’s best for you.  Then soak the woodchip in water for about 30 minutes. It will increase to smoke level for more intense flavor.

Once the smoker reaches the desired temperature, place the food in the cooking chamber and allow it to slow cook to your taste.

You can’t set the temperature on a propane smoker and relax for hours. Even the best propane smokers with temperature knob need constant monitoring. So, you need to check up on the smoker every 30 minutes to make sure it maintains the ideal temperature.

To know when the food is done, use the meat probe. Once it reaches the required temperature (depending on the type of smoked meat), you can take out the food and allow to cool before serving.

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BBQ smoking tips for whole chicken

Whole chicken is one of the easiest types of meat to prepare in a smoker.  But some smoked chicken taste better than others. This is mainly because of the smoking method and the type of smoker used. You can take care of the latter by buying the electric smoker and grill combo or a charcoal smoker with good temperature control. But for the former, you need to understand the right smoking process for whole chicken.

Brining the whole chicken

Smoking foods takes a lot of time. It can easily dry out a whole chicken. But brining will make sure the chicken retains its moisture throughout the smoking process.  Brining also makes the smoked meat a bit more pleasant in the eyes.

Temperature control

This is another important aspect of smoking meat everyone should master. It could really make a big difference. For whole chicken, a temperature of 2250F is considered ideal. It doesn’t need to go beyond this level. Otherwise, it will lose its moistness and flavor and start tasting like roasted chicken. To take care of this, the best charcoal smokers with temperature probe can take care of this. Alternatively, you can settle for a good Bradley or char broil electric smoker. These ones have in-built temperature you can set automatically.

Adding woodchips

Chicken is a mild, which means it requires complementary mild woodchips. Cherry wood is a great choice for smoking whole chicken.  This is because of its dark red color and sweet mild flavor. The smoky flavor is not as overbearing as mesquite or other types of hardwood. Hickory and pecan are also good alternatives.

Additional tips

Some smokers can run dry during the smoking process. This may not be good for the moisture levels in the chicken.  You can solve the problem by keeping a tray of water below the meat. It will help with moisture.

Finally, do not apply smoke to the chicken until it’s completely dry. If you start smoking the meat when it’s still wet, it will not easily absorb smoke. It could also affect the color of the smoked chicken.

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Things you can Make in an Electric Smoker

So many years electric food smokers have been used to smoke food, meat has been the most smoked. In recent years there have been several different varieties of food smoker using different fuels. There are various types of food smokers including a gas smoker, charcoal smoker, and the electric smoker.

An electric smoker is a highly desired cooking device mainly used to smoke a large variety of foods. It is among the best when it comes in the controlling of the temperature and it maintains a steady supply of smoke to your food. When it comes to smokers the electric smoker stand out in a million ways, even for beginners it’s very easy to use.

For those of you having trouble with smoked meat, the electric smoker is convenient for that purpose. The best part of smoking meat using an electric smoker is that you do not have to control it all the time. It is also convenient when multitasking as you do not have to constantly keep an eye controlling the temperature making it possible for you to spend ample time with your guest. The electric smoker is equipped also with a system that controls the temperature giving you an upper time during the usage.

There are a couple of smoker recipes that you can prepare using an electric smoker at your home and you will find it incredible even for beginners. The most smoked dishes are pork, jerky, and brisket. Chicken has also been smoked by individuals though it’s very rare. Not a lot of people have thought of sticking the bird in a smoker. But for the chicken lovers; honey smoked chicken is wonderful that even the vegetarian lovers will fall for it. Things you can make in an electric smoker include:

  1. Smoked turkey
  2. Smoked beef brisket
  3. Smoked pork ribs
  4. Smoked sausages
  5. Smoked meatloaf
  6. Smoked chicken wings, chicken quarter
  7. Smoked sardines
  8. Smoked salmon
  9. Nuts
  10. Potatoes
  11. Pork shoulder (pork butt)

For the smoked food lovers, it is quite easy for you to smoke food at home and with your electric smoker or you can choose to have a cookbook for electric smoker recipes.

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Making tasty snacks with Nutella at home

Nutella is a smooth chocolate-hazelnut spread. The good thing with Nutella is its ability to be prepared with anything depending on the creativeness of the user. The raw hazelnut for the beginners can be found in natural food stores or even groceries. They are later popped in an oven after being toasted for 12 minutes.

 You can later remove their skin after a few minutes of cooling. An easier method for doing these is using steel bowl method. You vigorously shake them until the top skin comes off. The hazelnuts are now ready to be ground with a mixer; with the perfect appliances you have the total control of your homemade tasty Nutella snacks

Before you start, prepare your cookware sets in advance and the materials.

Here are the steps on how to prepare homemade Nutella cake.

  • With your mixer,  beat half a cup of homemade Nutella
  • Put 3 butter tablespoons  and should be room temperatures
  • Three-quarter cup of confectioners’ sugar
  • Two tablespoons of cream beating it until the mixture is smooth
  •  later slather it over the cakes you prepared 

Some of these ingredients of making homemade Nutella that you anyone cannot resist are:

  • A cup of hazelnuts
  • 10 to 12 ounces milk chocolate
  • Confectioners’ sugar three tablespoon
  • Mild vegetable oil, two to three tablespoons
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder  a tablespoon
  • Vanilla extract half a teaspoon
  • The salt according to your preferences

Here are some of these Nutella tasty homemade snacks that you can try.

  1. Nutella banana bread.
  2. Nutella-stuffed doughnuts muffins, this is a combination of two of the most favorite morning treats to form a masterpiece.
  3. Nutella chocolate chip cookies, adding Nutella to your cookies gives it delicious taste one you can’t resist the temptations. There is no better way to get your homemade cookies delicious and tasty than this.
  4. Nutella banana granola, instead of eating plain granola in the morning which might get boring. You need to spice the granola a little bit. For the Nutella lovers, you will appreciate the amazing taste and sugar rush you yet to experience.
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Should you try making smoked meat at home or not?

For those who don’t know how to make smoked food, they can still enjoy smoked meat when they buy outside. However, have you considered smoking meat at home? Although convenience is one of the benefits of buying smoked foods out, there are still good reasons to try smoking your own meat yourself.

You can make the food the way you want

When you smoke your own meat, you can determine the level of flavor you need and how you want to cook the food. Different BBQ restaurants have different ways they prepare their smoked meat. They also use different wood flavors. But you can try out your favorite food flavor or decide to marinate the meat to keep it longer. When you smoke your own meat at home, it gives you the option of trying different things.

It’s healthier

There is no doubt that you will be more careful with how you smoke your meat at home with a smoker. You will make sure your smoking tools and ingredients are in their best condition. You are also going to select fresher meat cuts when you want to do-it-yourself. You can put complete trust in a BBQ restaurant to do all thee for you. But when you smoke your own meat at home, it allows you take necessary healthy precautions. You can be sure you will eat fresher meats anytime you prepare them yourself.

It improves your family bond

Of course making smoked meat at home with your family will help improve your family bond. Whenever you and your family spend time preparing smoked meat, it brings everyone together.

It saves you money

You may think that buying the smoking tools for your initial smoking task is expensive. But this initial investment will prove to be a money saver in the long run. If you eat smoked meat regularly and occasionally have a BBQ party, smoking your meat at home will be a money saver for you.

On the whole, there are good reasons why you should consider making your own smoked meats. You can assure yourself you are taking the necessary health precautions. Yes, you may co-it-yourself meat smoking takes time. But if you want to prepare the meat exactly to your taste, you should consider smoking the meat at home.

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Lunch Pre Fixe 19.99

first course
pork loaf, maggi dipping sauce
purple cabbage salad, peanuts, herbs, soy vinaigrette
meatballs, pork broth, shrimp crackers

second course
spicy pork–shrimp broth, thick rice noodles, thai basil, pork loin, shank
lancaster county amish chicken, local oysters, red perilla, caramel sauce
rice congee, almond milk poached rockfish, fermented black bean, cilantro
papa weavers pork chop, pickled carrots-bean sprouts, sweet and spicy pork sauce

third course
seasonal popsicle
banana cake, curried chocolate, peanut brittle

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chicken liver mousse, toast 4
pork loaf, maggi dipping sauce 5
trotter terrine, kohlrabi slaw 6
house pâté, green mango jam 6
purple cabbage salad, peanuts, herbs, fish sauce vinaigrette 7
jasmine rice, shitake, onions, peppers, soft poached egg 8
autumn roll, egg, jicama, chinese sausage, peanut-hoisin 9

banh mi: fried eggs, classic, pork belly or meatball 9
squid, lemongrass lamb sausage, mung beans, sesame cracker 11
chili glazed wings, scallion 12
egg noodles, rock shrimp, toasted coconut, lemon grass, green peppercorn 12
grilled pork loin, crispy rice cake, farm egg, sriracha aioli 12
spicy pork–shrimp broth, thick rice noodles, thai basil, pork loin, shank 12
pho, rice noodles, roseda farm rib eye, tendon, tripe, herbs 13

crispy rice sticks, sriracha aioli 5
brussel sprouts, sweet chilli butter 5
rice: meat, vegetable or plain 4, 3, 2

banana clafoutis, curried chocolate mousse, peanut brittle 7
vietnamese coffee milkshake, churro, cinnamon chantilly 7
black sesame cake, coconut caramel, coconut ice cream 7
lemon grass pot de crème, lime sabayon, pineapple compote, almond crumble 7

hot teas 4
vietnamese coffee 4
bloody kenny – vodka, tomato juice, sriracha, cucumber spears 8
ginger rogers – cava, domaine de canton, lemon twist 8

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chicken liver mousse, mango jam 4
house pâté, tamarind mustard 6
purple cabbage salad, peanuts, herbs, fish sauce vinaigrette 7
autumn roll, egg, chinese sausage, romaine, peanut-hoisin sauce 9
beer braised pork & clams, green onions, peanuts, sesame cracker 10

egg noodles, crispy tofu, beet greens, celery, ginger soy, peanuts 11
crispy calamari, green papaya, carrots, pickled red onions, tamarind vinaigrette 12
chili glazed wings, scallion 12
roasted chicken soup, thin egg noodles, shitake mushrooms, bok choy, pickled green papaya, 13
pho, rice noodles, roseda farm rib eye, tendon, tripe, herbs 13

coconut curry tofu stew, carrots, celery, onions, daikon 15
caramel fish, compressed cucumbers, green onions 17
papa weavers grilled pork loin, rice noodles, bean sprouts, scallions, peanuts, fish sauce 18
Uncle Ho’s fried chicken, purple mashed potatoes, beet greens, cilantro oil 19
roseda farm shaky beef, watercress salad, marinated onions, spicy tofu purée 19

cauliflower, garlic, chili 5
roasted beets, citrus-maggi vinaigrette 6
bok choy, oyster sauce, crispy shallots 6
rice: vegetable or plain 3, 2\

avocado-mango popsicle, citrus, chili-salt cookie crumble 6
vietnamese coffee milkshake, churro, cinnamon chantilly 7
banana, chocolate crunch, coconut caramel, banana ice cream 7
lemongrass pot de crème, lime sabayon, pineapple compote, almond crumble 7

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