BBQ smoking tips for whole chicken

Whole chicken is one of the easiest types of meat to prepare in a smoker.  But some smoked chicken taste better than others. This is mainly because of the smoking method and the type of smoker used. You can take care of the latter by buying the electric smoker and grill combo or a charcoal smoker with good temperature control. But for the former, you need to understand the right smoking process for whole chicken.

Brining the whole chicken

Smoking foods takes a lot of time. It can easily dry out a whole chicken. But brining will make sure the chicken retains its moisture throughout the smoking process.  Brining also makes the smoked meat a bit more pleasant in the eyes.

Temperature control

This is another important aspect of smoking meat everyone should master. It could really make a big difference. For whole chicken, a temperature of 2250F is considered ideal. It doesn’t need to go beyond this level. Otherwise, it will lose its moistness and flavor and start tasting like roasted chicken. To take care of this, the best charcoal smokers with temperature probe can take care of this. Alternatively, you can settle for a good Bradley or char broil electric smoker. These ones have in-built temperature you can set automatically.

Adding woodchips

Chicken is a mild, which means it requires complementary mild woodchips. Cherry wood is a great choice for smoking whole chicken.  This is because of its dark red color and sweet mild flavor. The smoky flavor is not as overbearing as mesquite or other types of hardwood. Hickory and pecan are also good alternatives.

Additional tips

Some smokers can run dry during the smoking process. This may not be good for the moisture levels in the chicken.  You can solve the problem by keeping a tray of water below the meat. It will help with moisture.

Finally, do not apply smoke to the chicken until it’s completely dry. If you start smoking the meat when it’s still wet, it will not easily absorb smoke. It could also affect the color of the smoked chicken.