Easy guide to follow when cooking with a propane smoker

It is widely known that smoked food has an amazing taste. But its taste can be affected because of the type of smoker used. Propane smokers are ideal for newbies since they are relatively cheap and easier to startup. Also, the best propane smokers have temperature knobs to help users control the heat levels.

If you are using your propane smoker for the first time, you need to know how to use it for best result.

Select the right type of meat

As a newbie, begin with meat cuts that are very easy to smoke. After mastering the act of smoking, you can graduate to more difficult ones.  Whole chicken, chuck roast, and pork shoulder are some of the easiest meats to prepare.

Connect the smoker tightly

Before your fire up your smoker, get it ready. Attach the propane tank properly. Make sure it is connected tightly before turning the valve. Otherwise, the tank may leak propane.

Start up the smoker

The best charcoal smokers come with ignition buttons. So you have no need to start the smoker with a lighter.  Pressing the ignition button will do. After starting the smoker, turn the knobs to a heating level of 210 to 2250F.

Open the chimneys and vents but close the smoker doors. The smoker will require a bit more time to reach the desired temperature. While waiting for the smoker to be ready, you can prep your food.

Prepping the food

To make your food more delicious, you can prepare seasoning and coat your meat with the mixture. There are different options when it comes to seasoning, depending on what you are cooking.  If you are preparing vegetables, pepper and salt will be enough. But for meat, you can improve the meat’s flavor with marinade or dry rub.

Cooking in the smoker

To get the best smoked result, make sure the meat is at room temperature.  Get an ideal woodchips that is suitable for the type of meat you’re smoking.  There are a variety of options. Select the woodchip flavor that’s best for you.  Then soak the woodchip in water for about 30 minutes. It will increase to smoke level for more intense flavor.

Once the smoker reaches the desired temperature, place the food in the cooking chamber and allow it to slow cook to your taste.

You can’t set the temperature on a propane smoker and relax for hours. Even the best propane smokers with temperature knob need constant monitoring. So, you need to check up on the smoker every 30 minutes to make sure it maintains the ideal temperature.

To know when the food is done, use the meat probe. Once it reaches the required temperature (depending on the type of smoked meat), you can take out the food and allow to cool before serving.