Making tasty snacks with Nutella at home

Nutella is a smooth chocolate-hazelnut spread. The good thing with Nutella is its ability to be prepared with anything depending on the creativeness of the user. The raw hazelnut for the beginners can be found in natural food stores or even groceries. They are later popped in an oven after being toasted for 12 minutes.

 You can later remove their skin after a few minutes of cooling. An easier method for doing these is using steel bowl method. You vigorously shake them until the top skin comes off. The hazelnuts are now ready to be ground with a mixer; with the perfect appliances you have the total control of your homemade tasty Nutella snacks

Before you start, prepare your cookware sets in advance and the materials.

Here are the steps on how to prepare homemade Nutella cake.

  • With your mixer,  beat half a cup of homemade Nutella
  • Put 3 butter tablespoons  and should be room temperatures
  • Three-quarter cup of confectioners’ sugar
  • Two tablespoons of cream beating it until the mixture is smooth
  •  later slather it over the cakes you prepared 

Some of these ingredients of making homemade Nutella that you anyone cannot resist are:

  • A cup of hazelnuts
  • 10 to 12 ounces milk chocolate
  • Confectioners’ sugar three tablespoon
  • Mild vegetable oil, two to three tablespoons
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder  a tablespoon
  • Vanilla extract half a teaspoon
  • The salt according to your preferences

Here are some of these Nutella tasty homemade snacks that you can try.

  1. Nutella banana bread.
  2. Nutella-stuffed doughnuts muffins, this is a combination of two of the most favorite morning treats to form a masterpiece.
  3. Nutella chocolate chip cookies, adding Nutella to your cookies gives it delicious taste one you can’t resist the temptations. There is no better way to get your homemade cookies delicious and tasty than this.
  4. Nutella banana granola, instead of eating plain granola in the morning which might get boring. You need to spice the granola a little bit. For the Nutella lovers, you will appreciate the amazing taste and sugar rush you yet to experience.